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Thread: How To: Valve Stem Seal Replacement

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    How To: Valve Stem Seal Replacement

    Time to do the valve stem seals on my 1993 J-spec with about 105,000 miles on it....

    Before you start the parts you need to order are:-

    Valve stem seal (Inlet) 90913-02088 12 off at £3.53 each
    Valve stem seal (Exhaust) 90913-02123 12 off at £4.93 each
    Cam shaft oil seal 90311-40020 2 off at £6.59 each

    I recommend that if you've not had the camcovers off in a while you also order the following:-

    Cam cover bolts 90105-06166 12 off at £0.56 each
    Cam cover nut 90179-06288 4 off at £0.56 each
    Cam cover washer 90210-07001 16 off at £1.83 each
    Cam cover gasket (Inlet) 11213-46020 1 off at £7.53 each
    Cam cover gasket (Exhaust) 11214-46011 1 off at £7.53 each

    You'll also need some gasket sealant. I bought the Toyota stuff which was a little expensive to say the least, but hell, I've got it now so...

    Seal packing 08826-00050 1 off at £42.96

    If you've not replaced the spark plugs in a while also, you may want to order the following:-

    Coil pack clip 90980-11246 6 off at £2.81 each
    Cam breather hose 12263-46010 1 off at £5.78 each
    Cam breather hose 12264-46010 1 off at £4.98 each.

    As far as specialist tools go you'll need a couple of items. I ordered mine from snap-on.

    Tool, Overhead Valve GA318A £34.90+VAT
    Pliers valve stem seal YA8230 £41.45+VAT

    You'll need to make a modification the valve tool (which is used to remove and install the valve keepers) In stock form it is knurled. Thus needs to be removed otherwise it can scratch the head around the bucket bore. I turned mine down on a lathe at work. The tool actually comes in two main bits:-

    Hopefully you can see where I machined off the knurling:-

    You'll also need a length of rope. I got 2m worth of 6mm dia rope from homebase for £2.

    Once you've got that little lot, you can be sure that the things that are to be quite honest more than likely to break or leak or just need replacing is covered. So I guess the first thing is to get on with the job.....

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