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Thread: NA-TT & NA-T Insurance

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    NA-TT & NA-T Insurance

    I know there's been some discussion on this, but a thorough search mainly brings up out-of-date stuff.

    The long-and-short is it seems like getting insurance with a TT or NA-T conversion is completely out the question. I've been hounding 10-15 insurers every few months for about a year now, and am yet to receive a remotely sensible quote. People with converted NA's, who are you insured with and what are your premiums?

    Currently paying 500 for the NA, a TT would cost the same, yet a conversion would see premiums quadruple (and limit me to only 1 or 2 insurers!)

    I'm going round in circles now! Is this just a non-starter? Am I saying the wrong things? Talking to the wrong people?

    Seems quite scary to think you can get NA-T insurance one year, then the next it might just dissappear/double in price!


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    Can you list the companies that have massively upped their premium please.

    Will be insuring my NA-TT soon and so would like to know the list, perhaps to avoid.

    Mines been off the road for a few years, but last time I had it insured on the road it was with Sky who classed it the same as a factory TT and was paying around 600 iirc.
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    I'm gone from Adrian Flux to Sky, then a year as a classic car policy with Competition Car Insurance and now with esure I believe.

    Every time my renewal comes through it goes up. That's their one chance to keep me with them blown so I go elsewhere every year and tend to be around 450-500 depending on who I name as drivers and where I keep the car. That's an NA-T, all mods declared and 20k agreed value
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