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Thread: Rear sub frame swap - off for galvanzing, may turn into a project thread

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    Galvanized Rear sub frame and underside refurbishment project

    People will have noted from my underneath what parts needed thread that this is an impending job on my Supra. I obtained a replacement frame last year that was supposed to have been treated and powder coated. Having stripped the hubs and arms off yesterday I tackled some bubbles with a grinder on the frame and found it is literally covered in surface rust. Thankfully nothing that is heavily pitted below the very thick layer (over 1mm) of high build primer and silver paint top coat. There are clearly parts on a rear frame that no grinder or sanding can reach so I'm taking it off to Surface Processing in Dudley on Monday to have it acid stripped and then an electro treated coating as its going to be virtually impossible to get a proper paint covering into the closed sections within the frame. I'll fill those with thinned down primer and finish up the closed sections with Dinitrol spray after I have applied the final spray paint cover to the frame.

    Cost of the treatment is 165 + VAT. I'll post up pics of the frame when I get it back from Surface Processing and the final ready to fit frame after I have finished paining it. It's extra cash I was hoping I wouldn't have to spend but at least I'll know its all be done properly which clearly didn't quite happen with this frame when it was last refurbished.

    I have employed a mechanic to double up on frame swap over with me pencilled in start time mid September with put back together planned for around November to give time for any replacement parts and bushes to be sourced and the underneath bodywork to be cleaned, primed and painted. also swapping at the same time the tank guard (with new), front to rear fuel and brake lines and the exhaust .

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