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    I have converted the original "What to check when buying a Supra" thread into an easy to print PDF file. I have also tried to sort the list of checkpoints into a more logical order.

    The club would like to thank those who contributed to the original thread for providing the information ...

    Here is my revised version of Aerotop Dave's Guide to the Supra and his Model Differences Chart. I have converted them both to PDF format to make them more web friendly. The Model Differences Chart is attached to this post and contains details of which models and variants have which features.

  • Random Club Video

    VIDEO: Supra club convoy to JAE 07

    Found this video on my old mac which I previously thought i had lost.

    Was a little vid i made of JAE 2007, the year when we won best club award.
    Oh, Happy days - These were the days when i was allowed out in public.


    Maybe a mod could embed the video or even put it into the club area.
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    RSR Stainless Steel Exhaust including Bung - VGC

    Any videos or sound clips of this system? Many thanks!


    Sequential turbo problems

    I know this is old news to you guys, i thought id have a look for split/blown vac lines. Havent seen any yet, tested the iacv controller number 4 and


    Bilstein Shocks and Eibach Springs with new Dust Boots

    Hi bud are you selling your supra to get another one or are you moving on with something new, a lot of long term members seam to be disappearing.


    E85 7th injector

    Interesting here it seems only beneficial at high rpm.

    Really I hoped for a lower rpm response.


    E85 7th injector

    Yeah I was thinking would e85 ever be used for lower down grunt. Not for all out power as such. But lower end torque before spool takes over.


    E85 7th injector

    I think NOS and Ethanol serve different purposes so I'm not sure how they'd compare. My understanding is that NOS is basically power in a bottle whereas

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    Long bonnet