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    Trd front arches

    Does anyone know where to get some trd front wide arches from

    mr bean

    Feb meet up

    I'm up for that..


    Timing belt change

    Is he talking about timing or serpentine aux belt


    Ksport Supra Caliper Templates

    I recently obtained the wheel clearence templates for the 330mm and 356mm Ksport Forge Supra calipers and have attached the PDF files below for anyone


    Timing belt change

    They're not, timing belt/cambelt are the same thing [emoji106]

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    Rear exhaust shields

    i should have the heat shields in one of my cars i use for storage

    If you want a pic message me on FB ashley whitsey as given up after

  • Supra Garage

    One of the first pics I have. Excuse him, he is french...