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    Dash warning lights

    I've seen some alternators only show signs of charging issues once loaded, prompting the warning lights to appear before disappearing again. They are


    Dash warning lights

    Hi mate, have you checked for ecu error codes?

    Mine was simply a dodgy wire on the 3 pin plug, randomly making and breaking connection. Happy


    Ccw Owners help

    My wheel specs:

    CCW Classics fully polished

    18x10 fronts +41 7.125 backspace
    18x11.5 rears +51 8.25 backspace

    Darren M

    OEM NA Airbox needed

    Hi. Im after the airbox for my NA. I know theres one on EBay but it has a broken clip and Id prefer it in good condition. Can collect within reasonable


    Emanage ultimate

    I got the laptop working now it tells me I need a usb driver for it does anyone know where I can either get the driver download ( I have tried to google

    lewis hill

    Right side front wiper arm


    Im after a front wiper arm - right hand side

    Toyota/whifbitz cant get hold of one till July but need one ASAP really

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