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    Suprapod Midlands convoy

    We are meeting at 8am at the Lutterworth travel lodge, the postcode posted above by x13mgr

    Probably be leaving around 8.10 I would guess


    PHR Log manifold

    I'll get the aloe vera , thats a nasty burn


    Help - All warning lights on the dash

    I'd go with this as well. I had the grooved ring on the bottom crank pulley break up after 18 years. Then you can get belt slip causing the burnt rubber


    PHR Log manifold

    I might take that downpipe mate.


    PHR Log manifold

    So... decided to go single have you!? Thought you were happy with the hybrid setup? Or are you just fed up of being neck and neck when racing my auto?


    Help - All warning lights on the dash

    Just check this outer ring is still on the bottom pulley ie is the aux belt running on the grooves as it should be or on a smooth inner section of the

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