• What to Check When Buying a Supra

    I have converted the original "What to check when buying a Supra" thread into an easy to print PDF file. I have also tried to sort the list of checkpoints into a more logical order.

    The club would like to thank those who contributed to the original thread for providing the information required to create this document.

    For the most up-to-date information please see: What to check when buying a Supra
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    Are they actually an improvement particularly on a Supe by the way? I appreciate they'd improve cornering but would they improve grip on take off for



    the problem with that is a lot of supra are modified and even the vin could be wrong , the most fun way to find out would be do a burn out and see if


    Selling / buying safely on the forum

    Please also note that any group buys need to be approved before being listed. Any threads believed to be in contravention on this will be removed without



    Or does one of the numbers tell me whether I do or dont have it? Mines a JDM and I have read in a Supra book these had them so I am hoping mine does


    a couple new supras breaking.... tt auto jap and a uk spec

    Hi Keron,

    Do you have a fuel flap in 040 white at all.




    Is there a website where I can check my VIN then?

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