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    RSR Stainless Steel Exhaust including Bung - VGC

    Any videos or sound clips of this system? Many thanks!


    Sequential turbo problems

    I know this is old news to you guys, i thought id have a look for split/blown vac lines. Havent seen any yet, tested the iacv controller number 4 and


    Bilstein Shocks and Eibach Springs with new Dust Boots

    Hi bud are you selling your supra to get another one or are you moving on with something new, a lot of long term members seam to be disappearing.


    E85 7th injector

    Interesting here it seems only beneficial at high rpm.

    Really I hoped for a lower rpm response.


    E85 7th injector

    Yeah I was thinking would e85 ever be used for lower down grunt. Not for all out power as such. But lower end torque before spool takes over.


    E85 7th injector

    I think NOS and Ethanol serve different purposes so I'm not sure how they'd compare. My understanding is that NOS is basically power in a bottle whereas

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    Fancied a change, Pearl Red.