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    steve spedd

    Custom bonnet gas strut brackets -1 Last Batch

    I'll take a set. PM me payment details please


    Sump chat

    Cool, that helps. I need a rear sump for my conversion, and Ive been offered a 1J item.


    Sump chat

    1JZ/2JZ sumps are interchangeable. Sumps come in either the "front" (aristo/gs300/chasers etc) or "rear" sump configuration (Supra/soarer


    Sump chat

    Does a Supra 2JZ have a mid or rear sump?

    And does anyone know if a 1JZ is the same as a 2JZ sump?


    Mrs. May is just not greeting the EU hierarchy correctly

    I think the plant is really on a downward trend with all this stupidity


    Japfest 2019

    Yep, count me in, as long as we're positioned inside the actual show this time!

    Also must remember to take sun cream and a hat, it was outrageously

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