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    David P

    speedo issues after 1uz conversion.

    SupraStick is set at 16 blips per rev from speed-sensor, so if the X4 is not done electronically, it must from the gear-pair?

    It is why your's


    Link g4,syvecs,aem???

    After just converting my uk TT auto to single.....
    I'm now looking at which ECU to go for.
    Would really love syvecs, but funds are not going


    ARC Blow Off Valve Pipe

    Rare ARC blow off valve pipe, pictured at the front the image, any questions just ask

    130 delivered


    HKS Type S FMIC and ARC Blow Off Valve Pipe

    Bump, splitting items into two for sale threads, if mods want to change the title to just the intercooler, thanks


    Best oil

    Best oil to use on my NA-T doing a service soon and want to know wat everyone thoughts.


    Rear Uk discs

    Cheers mate

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    Spot on Greg I’ll sort them on money

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